Sunday, January 25, 2009

Back to Blogging

One of my New Year Resolutions (not sure why people wait for the new year to resolve to do something) is to start blogging again.

It is certainly going to be a tough year, with the economy and all. But there is a lot of interesting things happening in technology, for example Facebook and Twitter's growing user base. These services help users connect and build a community. They could even threaten mighty Google, who's services are more transaction based than community-based. They do however need to find a way to monetize services.

Another exciting technology growing is the online video space. Services such as have figured a way to distribute paid content for free while achieving profitability. They certainly represent the future of video consumption. Sites like Netflix have also done a great job distributing content and making it easily consumable on-demand. This represents a change from the older services that used to force you to start downloading the movie before you could play it. It also makes a lot of sense while broadband bandwidths increase.

I will certainly try to do a better job being frequent about my posts, this year :)


Shaheen in San Francisco ! said...

Awesome! I like this New Year's resolution. Look forward to reading your blogs. Also do keep posting about new exciting articles in the SEM/SEO industry.

Stumbler said...

LC here ;-) Looking forward to following your thoughts on SEO+SEM, especially from someone across the Pacific!